Marco Faccone CPA, CA, CFP
Independent Insurance Broker


Personal Insurance Planning

I can help you with your financial and estate planning needs to ensure your loved ones are cared for today and in the future.

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Corporate Insurance Planning

It's the kind of preferential treatment you want. Life insurance that benefits both you and your business. Life insurance can protect...

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Investment Management

I recommend a portfolio of segregated funds and/or insurance annuities to meet your investment and retirement needs...

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Fee-Based Financial Planning

Rather than taking commissions, fully disclosed fees paid by clients eliminates bias. This allows me to choose the most suitable investment...

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Marco Faccone


Marco has extensive experience in meeting the insurance and wealth management needs of individuals and private companies. For over 13 years, Marco worked in public practice as a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CA) and a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), where he gained considerable experience in providing financial, tax and estate planning services to his clients.


This unique combination of experience allows Marco to offer you a well-rounded, professional and understandable plan to meet your financial planning, insurance, and investments.


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What my clients are saying

““Thanks so much for your expert analysis, thorough evaluation and insightful recommendations regarding our retirement financial projections and investment/equity holdings.””

Kasey from Vancouver

“Thank you for your time and sharing of knowledge Marco. It was a pleasure to meet with you and I will be in touch in the next few weeks to discuss my insurance needs.”

Jo from Vancouver

“Thanks very much for this and your time. The information you provided was very illuminating.”

David from Vancouver

"Everything was good value and made me realize I might need to plan a little better"

Tim from Burnaby

“Well organized, energetic and knowledgeable”

Ron from Burnaby

“Excellent presentation and response to question. Excellent explanations of difficult topics.”

Glen from Burnaby

"Marco was awesome to deal with. Very knowledgeable and gave great advice. He eliminated worries that I had. He is very people oriented and so easy to talk to"


“You explained things clearly and helped me with all my questions. Thanks.”

Riina from Vancouver

“Marco was very professional and informative”

Adrian from Burnaby

“Thank you very much Marco. I really appreciated the meeting.”

Judy from Richmond

“Oh what a relief! Thank you Marco for putting my mind at rest!”

Patricia from Surrey

“This is exactly what I’ve been needing to do for years!”

Dave from Vancouver

Latest News

Posted 5 Jan, 2018

Do You Have a Succession Plan in Place?

I’m often approached by shareholders asking me about succession strategies. It’s a great question. When I ask them what they have in place legally to transition their assets or corporate shares, they usually know there’s....

Posted 11 Dec, 2017

Is Corporately Held Insurance Right for You?

If the Federal Government removes the Pipeline Method, having corporately held insurance will allow capital gains to be taxed at a lower rate. Now more than ever, corporately held insurance is a sound financial move.

Posted 18 Oct, 2017

4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Life Insurance

There’s no way to paint a pretty picture to help people understand the necessities of buying life insurance. The important thing to understand is that you don’t buy life insurance for yourself...

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