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Fee-based Financial Planning

Rather than a commission model under a sale of products, clients can choose to obtain my financial planning expertise through a independent fee-based engagement.  These engagements can help identify and understand certain financial, retirement or estate planning opportunities available to you.


Under a fee-based consulting engagement, I can work with your legal and Public Practice service team to help address certain financial planning needs. I can , in essence, be your private CFO on call!

Comprehensive financial planning

With fee-based financial planning, I can assist in ensuring you are prepared:

Asset Allocation

There are many places to put your money, but with fee-based financial planning I am able to choose performing assets rather than those with high commissions.

Planning for Retirement

Retiring well has never been so complicated. I can assist with planning your investments to reduce taxes, preserve pensions and ensure you get the reward of a life's work.

Education Planning

Education costs seem to be continually rising, and you need to ensure there is money there to help your children and grandchildren achieve their dreams.

Wealth Accumulation Strategies

Building wealth in a steady, disciplined approach takes research, strategy, planning, and creating an adaptable portfolio of investments to achieve your dreams.

Tax Planning

As a CA, CPA, CFP I have extensive experience with tax planning. Services restricted to Financial Planning and related Taxation Compliance Services

Charitable Giving

Giving back to your community can also have tax benefits, and financial planning ensures your family comes first.


Business Investment

Investing in your business, or investing with your business assets takes careful planning and strategy. Contact me to set up a meeting to ensure you make the right decisions.

Insurance Planning

It is essential to incorporate insurance planning into your financial plan to ensure you are prepared for the unexpected and protect those you love.

MGF Advisory Inc is not a licensed Public Practice firm and does not provide Public Practice services.

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