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Investment Management

I recommend a portfolio of segregated funds and/or insurance annuities to meet your investment and retirement needs, based on your assessed risk tolerance and current financial situation. This can include the management of RRSPs, RRIFs, Locked-in RRSPs, RESPs, TFSAs, and individual and corporate non-registered accounts.



As a significant wealth-building strategy, we use guaranteed investment funds, or segregated funds. These funds are similar in professional management to mutual funds, except the investor is guaranteed a minimum of 75% or 100% of their principal on maturity or death. For investors with a long term time investment goals who would like to invest in equities without risking their principal, this is one of the few investment alternatives to a GICs, term deposits and government bonds.


Investment strategies

I am experienced in the uses of life insurance in a corporate setting for asset protection, wealth management, retirement planning and business succession. I hold several insurance contracts with Canadian Insurance companies and will use those relationships to find you the most suitable solution to your needs. Please also note there are reduced fee segregated funds opportunities for clients with investible assets greater than $250,000.

There are many additional benefits to segregated funds for investors not available in any other investment vehicle in Canada:

Simplified investment

I can tailor a simplified investment method based on your financial needs and risk tolerance


Diversification in investment allows for more balanced growth and creates a more powerful portfolio.

Dollar cost averaging

Invest the same amount regularly to take advantage of the market rather than dealing with market swings.

Flexible access to your money

I can tailor your investments to ensure you have flexible access to your money based on your needs.

Balance your portfolio

I can help you create a powerful mix of equities, bonds, cash and insurance to ensure your portfolio is balanced and poised for growth.

Guarantee Capital

You've worked hard for your money, so guaranteeing some of the capital is also an option for your retirement or investment portfolio.

Avoid Probate

Probate fees can cost your heirs lots and create problems for those you love. Your investments can be managed carefully to avoid probate.

Potential Creditor Protection

You've built your company and your savings, and you need to protect it from creditors in the event of financial stress.

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